Corporate Responsibility

ByVal Girilovitch

Corporate Responsibility

Now while the offering especially in view in the Epistles to the church at Corinth was contributed by individuals, each according to his ability, it was an expression of the fellowship of the local church. So were the gifts sent to Paul from Philippi (Phil. 4:14, 18). Since, then, in addition to our giving privately for any particular object about which the Lord may exercise our hearts, we also have a corporate responsibility as members of assemblies or churches, some means must be adopted of collecting the contributions. There is no method particularized in the Scripture for the actual “collection.” The method, whether by passing round a receptacle or otherwise, is not the important point. What matters are the principles laid down in the Word of God to guide each believer and the whole company in its united offering.

All things are to be done “decently and in order.” We may render this injunction as follows: “Let everything be done in a becoming manner and according to Divine ordering.” Honesty is to characterize us collectively as well as individually. We are to take thought for “things honourable in the sight of all men” (Rom. 12:17). There are liabilities, such as rent, heat, lighting, and caretaking, to be met. These must not be allowed to get into arrears.

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